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What is cisgender, where does the word come from, and is it offensive?

Pride month!Each June we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and highlight issues faced by the community as well as triumphs overcoming them.Gender issues have come to the fore in a number of ways in recent times, and it’s important to understand what different terms mean in an effort to use them correctly. Unless you label yourself transgender or non-binary, it’s likely that you’d be considered cisgender – but just what does the word mean?According to the dictionary, the term cisgender means ‘denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.’This means, for example, if someone was born a female and identifies as a woman, they would be cisgender.Some people prefer to use the term non-transgender or gender-normative.However, since both of these assume that being trans is not normal (rather than trans and cis being simply two different but neutral experiences), they can be problematic.The term cisgender has its roots in the Latin language.The word transgender comes from the Latin prefix trans, which loosely translates to ‘on the other side of’.

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Scared of trans people in bathrooms? We’re the ones who should be afraid of you
why have toilets become such a moral panic around trans people, when we are the ones who suffer the most in them?Before I came out, I was considered ‘too gay’ and the boys would harass me, berate me or refuse to share a locker room with me at school because I could ‘perve’ on them.After I came out as trans at the age of 17, things changed overnight, and now I was suddenly a ‘threat’ to women — despite being a victim of constant harassment growing up, sexual violence and abuse myself.Never at any point during debates about toilets or gendered spaces do people wonder what it’s like for a trans person to navigate them — and the reality of violence and harassment trans people face in those situations.While it’s not really an issue for me today and hasn’t been for over a decade, I would forgive you for thinking trans people literally just showed up out of nowhere and started raiding gendered spaces at an alarming rate.The public discourse surrounding this topic has become incredibly toxic and hostile. Trans people have been quietly using gendered spaces openly for decades without it ever proving to be a real issue. If we truly were the dangerous criminals and sexual predators some claim we are, we’d have a much larger issue at hand.But the reality is the exact opposite of what people believe, as trans people are at heightened risk of abuse and violence in society.