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WATCH: One of the most homoerotic series on Netflix is back with a new season today

Get ready for more steamy gay makeout sessions and man-on-man armpit-licking because Season 3 of Netflix‘s homoerotic Mexican mystery series Who Killed Sara? drops today. And suddenly our ending weekend is booked solid!When the show first premiered in 20201, Who Killed Sara? quickly became Netflix’s most-streamed show in the U.S.

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A 40-day Jeopardy! winning streak is just the beginning for Amy Schneider
A post shared by Amy Schneider (@jeopardamy)Over 40 days, Amy Schneider went from an engineering manager to a household name. With anti-LGBTQ legislation sweeping the country, it feels like poetic justice that a trans woman found a platform for trans visibility to be broadcast into the homes across America.After two years of a pandemic in which LGBTQ folks all across the country were unable to access their usual bars, centers, and Pride parades, here was Oakland, California, trans woman and Dayton, Ohio, native Schneider queering Jeopardy!, the beloved American game show that has aired in millions of American living rooms for almost 60 years. Related: Amy Schneider, BADASS winner at the 10th Anniversary of the QueertiesSchneider has been a champion for transgender visibility at a time when it’s most needed simply by showing up authentically and sharing her encyclopedic knowledge on a national platform.The entire country watched as she racked up 40 consecutive wins over 40 days and nearly $1.4 million in prize money, her streak helping boost viewership. She was a delightful presence, always modest, warm, and sporting her signature string of pearls. It was also an opportunity for Schneider to reflect on her personal journey. “Six months ago, none of you had heard of Amy Schneider,” she said at the 10th anniversary Queerty Awards.
WATCH: This cowboy kiss was a Eurovision first
Another Eurovision song contest has come and gone, and Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra took the top prize with a massive show of support for their song “Stefania.” The competition also featured Eurovision’s first on-stage male-on-male kiss, when San Marino’s singer Achille Lauro pulled his guitarist in for a smooch.Lauro, whose real name is Laura De Marinis, made it to the semi-finals with his song “Stripper.” Dressed as a glammed up cowboy, he took the stage and proudly represented his country for the 11th year at Eurovision.There was even a mechanical bull with rhinestone horns involved in the performance, naturally:Related: 7 songs to help you live out your gay cowboy fantasyLauro may not have advanced to the finals, but his performance was a clear winner on social media:he didn't win eurovision but eurovision won by having achille lauro on that stage he's a true star and an artist and he will always be famous #eurovision pic.twitter.com/XYGLA8sln0— dieci ? (@minor_symphony) May 12, 2022no thoughts just ACHILLE LAURO and BOSS DOMS#Eurovision #ESC2022 #escita pic.twitter.com/8OrKnbDdQM— miriana????? saw irama (@imaspookykid) May 12, 2022He's a stripper, a cowboy and everything he wants to be! It's ACHILLE LAURO! ? ?? #Eurovision #ESC2022 pic.twitter.com/4x4gB8LcFm— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 12, 2022IL BACIO DI ACHILLE LAURO E BOSS DOMS IN MONDOVISIONE STO ASCENDENDO#Eurovision #ESCita pic.twitter.com/25XnM0DSa0— Våle?; SUPERMODEL era ? (@Vale41229116) May 12, 2022Recap of Achille Lauro's Jury performance for San Marino:– His cowboy hat fell off while he was riding the bull– PYRO GUITAR IS BACK– THERES A KISS BETWEEN HIM AND THE GUITARIST– This is so good#EUROVISION— charley ??????????? (@mysilentstorm) May
Kim Cattrall reunites with other Sex And The City crew absent from sequel
A post shared by Variety (@variety) Yesterday, Variety published a big interview with Kim Cattrall in which she talked about her career, her decision to step away from Sex And The City, and how she was never asked to take part in the show’s sequel, And Just Like That…She clearly had no regrets about her decision, saying, “Can you imagine going back to a job you did 25 years ago? And the job didn’t get easier; it got more complicated in the sense of how are you going to progress with these characters? Everything has to grow, or it dies.”Related: Fire up the teapot, Kim Cattrall just broke her silence on ‘And Just Like That’The interview coincided with Cattrall receiving one of the magazine’s Power of Women awards, which was presented to her last night at a glitzy ceremony in Los Angeles.It surely can’t be a coincidence that Cattrall was accompanied to the awards event by three other people closely linked to Sex And The City who were also not involved with the sequel.These were: author Candace Bushnell, on whose book Sex And The City was based; stylist and designer Patricia Field, who was behind so many of the clothing choices the characters wore, and series creator Darren Star, who has since moved on to success with other shows, such as Emily In Paris.“It means everything. We spent over 25 years of our lives together,” Cattrall told Variety of attending the event with her longtime friends and collaborators.During her acceptance speech, she also thanked the three personally.Kim Cattrall thanks #SexAndTheCity collaborators Candace Bushnell, Darren Star and Patricia Fields during her acceptance speech at Variety #PowerOfWomen presented by @lifetimetv.