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Lil Nas X had the best response to tryhard trolls hacking his YouTube channel

Trolls tried their hardest to cause chaos over on Lil Nas X‘s YouTube channel today, but all they proved is that you can’t out-troll the master.To be fair, the hacking was pretty chaotic; they deleted his home page, changed the channel’s name, and uploaded a mess of weird memes and cryptocurrency content.The now-deleted hacks have been preserved over on Twitter:Did @LilNasX YouTube get hacked? It’s been taken down now.— Pineapple Squid (@TeamChadSquid) August 11, 2022.@LilNasX got hacked— Adria️‍⚧️ (@trashisbased) August 11, 2022Lil Nas X’s YouTube channel is still hacked but is now named MicroStrategy and has no videos.

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