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How to celebrate Pride with your children year-round

As a single mother at 16, I was forced to give up my baby for adoption by my parentsAlicia Silverstone shares a bed with her 11-year-old. So what?'I gave birth to someone else's baby': What it's really like to be a surrogate in the UKOrganisations range from Stonewall, which actively fights for change or MindOut, which focuses directly on mental health issues faced by the community.Colours Youth Network fights to create spaces where LGBTQ+ young people of racial, cultural, spiritual, and religious identities are centred, while Hidayah LGBT promotes inclusion and fights back against injustice specifically to serve queer Muslims across the world.These are just some examples of charities that can help your child gain a wider view and which they can embolden themselves by supporting.Suggest your child could maybe sell some unused toys to help the causes too; you’d be amazed how many kids are actually up for this when it means they are doing something positive.There will be a lot of Pride events around the country, but if there’s not one close by, or your children fancy being more creative themselves, why not host one within your community?Get the kids to make bunting and decorations, draw pictures, have face paint and put on a fashion show where they can dress to express.Pride can and should be fun; and this will give children a day they will remember and one they will always relate to inclusivity.You could also jointly create a playlist together involving artists and songs from, or relating, to the LGBTQ+ community.This one’s easy and endless fun.

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson just made a big announcement
Related: Jesse Tyler Ferguson is raising his son to be “gay until he decides he’s straight”Over the weekend, actor Ferguson announced the next member of their family is due this fall.“@justinmikita and I have some exciting news, we’re expecting number 2! Our growing family will be a family of four later this fall! We are so excited for Beckett to have a sibling.”  A post shared by Jesse Tyler Ferguson (@jessetyler) Ferguson, who shot to fame in Modern Family, also took the opportunity to announce the nonprofit he and Mikita founded, Pronoun, is making donations of $25,000 to ACLU, the National Abortion Federation, and Everytown for Gun Safety.“Like the majority of people in this country right now, we are heartbroken at the attacks all over the country — from senseless gun violence to state by state attacks on our transgender family and an onslaught of attacks on women’s reproductive health,” said Ferguson.“Our non-profit @pronounorg continues to raise funds for the incredible organizations on the ground fighting for LGBTQIA+ equality — which of course includes the fights for reproductive health, sensible gun reform & transgender equality — to name a few.“We are so proud to be partnering with @shopmilimili [baby brand MiliMili], a female (mommy) owned small business made in LA, on a gorgeous custom collection of sleep sacks, crib sheets, eye masks & robes designed by queer artist @katiekaapcke with 100% of the proceeds going to PRONOUN.“We will be using these resources to target states where reproductive health and transgender rights are currently under constant attack, starting today with a $25,000 donation each to @aclu_nationwide, @nationalabortionfederation & @everytown.”“We are so excited to have a little one joining