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April Ashley was outed as trans and then divorced – I want everyone to know her story

Big Brother, a literal decade before. Previous to Nadia in the 00s, we saw model and Bond girl Caroline Cossey outed and destroyed by the press 20 years prior and April Ashley 20 years before her in the 60s – also outed and torn apart by the media.There’s a running theme here with the British press and trans people, isn’t there?April Ashley was a successful model in the 60s, appearing in Vogue, before her story was sold to The Sunday People, and it emerged that she was a trans woman. Luckily for us, April went on to write a book.

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Bafta TV Awards 2022: It’s A Sin fans outraged after powerful series ‘robbed in broad daylight’ despite 6 nominations
It’s A Sin fans were not happy after watching the 2022 Baftas and seeing that the cast and crew did not leave with a single award.The poignant LGBTQ+ Channel 4 drama – starring Olly Alexander of Years & Years – was expected to clean up at the 75th Bafta TV awards, after receiving not one, not two, but six nominations.However, the awards are being accused of ‘snubbing’ the Russell T Davis creation, with viewers outraged at how the cast and crew were ‘paid dust.’The show’s snub came as even more of a shock after It’s A Sin took home two gongs at the British Academy Television Craft Awards on April 24.It’s A Sin received a further five noms at the Craft Awards, taking home prizes after being recognised for direction, fiction, make-up and hair, casting, writing, and acting.Taking to Twitter during tonight’s show, viewers expressed their anger at how the powerful drama series didn’t ‘sweep’ the board, branding it ‘the greatest television series I’ve ever seen,’ for its emotive storytelling of a group of friends living in London amid the HIV/AIDS crisis of the 1980s.One viewer wrote on Twitter: ‘The fact that It’s A Sin created such an incredible conversion around HIV/Aids, was one of the most talked about dramas last year and has walked away empty handed tonight with the BBC muting every clip is utterly baffling.’A follower replied to their tweet, echoing their frustration: ‘Im gutted. That series spoke louder than anything i watched last year.
Rachel Riley claims JK Rowling’s trans views attacked due to her defence of Jews
Rachel Riley made her controversial comments after JK Rowling caused a social media storm by arguing that those who are biologically female and who have periods should be referred to as "women" and not "people who menstruate".The latter term was adopted by some to be more gender-inclusive to those who are trans, non-binary or gender non-conforming.Rachel, who was recently involved in an explosive libel case against one of Jeremy Corbyn's former aides in court, has claimed opinions on anti-semitism are at the heart of the trans debate."I think a lot of the attacks on JK Rowling are really because she spoke out for Jews and against Jeremy Corbyn and antisemitism," Rachel declared.Also discussing the Harry Potter author's philanthropic work, Riley defended: “She has made a real difference to the world.However, the Countdown star exclaimed: "[Just saying] this will get us both cancelled.”The trans debate has also focused on the use of the term "birthing people", which was introduced by a Brighton and Sussex Hospital Trust as an addition to "pregnant women" - something JK Rowling and fellow activists feel strongly about.Rachel had already experienced what she described as cancel culture when she sued a former aide of Labour politician Jeremy Corbyn for libel.Laura Murray had made a controversial tweet about her comments which Rachel claimed led to a campaign to have ousted from Countdown and cancelled.Rachel, who has been vocal in the past about troll attacks directed at her, says she received a barrage of "abuse" after commenting on eggs being thrown at Corbyn.The former leader of the Labour Party had been visiting a mosque in Finsbury Park, North London when he'd been pelted with eggs by a Brexit supporter back in
Rylan Clark and Nick Grimshaw to help Channel 4 celebrate 50 years of UK Pride with TV specials and documentaries
Rylan Clark at the helm.The radio DJ and TV presenter will star in a Pride anniversary episode of Celebrity Gogglebox alongside other British LGBTQ+ personalities.Two documentaries commissioned to reflect on the last 50 years for the LGBTQ+ community will also air around the anniversary of the first UK Pride rally in London on July 1, 1972.One film, with the working title of 50 Years Of Pride, will explore the history of the movement in the UK through first-person testimonies and archive footage.Made in collaboration with Oscar-nominated filmmaker Stephen Daldry and playwright Joe Robertson, it will hear from those who faced hostility and discrimination in the early years of the movement.The documentary will also feature people from the younger generations who have always had Pride celebrations as part of their life and identity.Another programme, provisionally titled April Ashley, will focus on one of the UK’s most prominent transgender women.Ashley, who died last year at the age of 86, was a model and dancer who received an MBE for services to equality and was involved in the landmark divorce trial Corbett v Corbett.The film will ‘take the audience inside the intimate reality of the transgender experience’ and explore how Ashley ‘paved the way for future generations of transgender people’, Channel 4 said.Another two-part documentary scheduled for later in the year will explore how pop star George Michael risked his career by speaking openly about his sexuality after being outed as gay.The piece, with a working title of Outed: George Michael And The Fight For Freedom, will feature other public figures whose sexuality was revealed by the media.Nick and his niece Liv, Rylan and his mother Linda, and comedian Paul Sinha