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Diane Guerrero is pondering retouching her wrist tattoo in support of trans lives

Diane Guerrero is undoubtedly a proud Latina, but there are more layers to her identity, including how her sexuality is still yet to be explored. In a recent interview with Insider, the New Jersey-born Colombian, best known for her role as Maritza Ramos in Orange is the New Black, revealed that she is pondering retouching her wrist tattoo, reading “IPOC,” for Indigenous people of color.According to the 36-year-old star, she wants it to read QTPOC instead.

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Ariana Grande steps in to protect trans youth matching $1.5 million in donations
Ariana Grande is stepping in to protect trans youth, launching a new fund and matching donations raised from up to $1.5 million in honor of International Transgender Day of Visibility, following recent anti-trans policies that target the trans community.The superstar announced the creation of her Protect & Defend Trans Youth Fund, partnering with fundraising organization Pledge and urging her fans and followers to donate to make a positive impact, collecting over $450,000 since going live.“Right now there are hundreds of disgraceful bills pending in state legislature that target trans youth and aim to curb their rights,” Ariana wrote, including states banning trans students from participating in school sports, such as Arizona, Oklahoma, Iowa, Utah and South Dakota.The singer stated that this new fund will provide “critical funds” and direct services to organizations “providing direct services and advocating for the rights of trans youth,” adding that this campaign will bring donations to 18 organizations across 12 different states, including the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition, Equality Florida, Jasmyn, Tennessee Equality Project, and more.A post shared by Pledge (@pledge.to)Ariana shared her appreciation for everyone taking the time to donate, as “the impact of fighting these anti-trans bills and policies is felt all year by trans people, their families and loved ones.”