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Dame Joan Collins reveals she 'wanted to be a boy' while going through puberty

READ NEXT: Joan Collins breaks down and says she 'couldn't stop crying' following Queen's deathSpeaking to Saga Magazine, the glamorous star said: "I remember going through puberty at 14 and hating the way my body was changing."I hated everything that was happening," she continued candidly.The beautiful actress then revealed: "So I rebelled and wore boys' clothes. I wore corduroys and scraped my hair back.

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Louisiana Schoolgirls Told To Forgive Rapists on Field Trip, Sparks Outrage
The Advocate, several parents later complained online about the program, with one saying her daughter felt "duped" into attending an event where she was "proselytized over and prayed over."Brittney Byrant, a biology teacher at Woodlawn High, with a child at the same school, complained about what she claimed were gender-segregated talks for girls and boys.On Facebook she said the girls were addressed by three women, who "talked about rape [and] forgiving the offender, suicide, prayer leadership and many more dark controversial topics. We had females in the bathrooms crying due to the topics of discussion."Byrant claimed her transgender child, who identifies as male, was initially blocked from leaving the "girls talk." She added: "Other students poured water on top of transgender students' heads without any repercussions by any of the adults present."In contrast Bryant said at the event for boys "no topics were discussed," with male students instead taking part in a push-up competition with money as prizes.Speaking to The Advocate Bryant explained why she had spoken out, stating: "I just want to bring to light what happened with the kids and the feelings they had."Alexis Budyach, a Baton Rouge Magnet High senior, also complained about the event on Facebook.She wrote: "The majority of students chose to attend this field trip on the promise of free food and the opportunity to skip class, however, the majority of students were not only disappointed by this event, but traumatized as well."Bonnie Kersch, mother of a girl who attended, said her daughter didn't realize the event would be so religious.
‘The People’s Joker’ Review: Trans Comic Finds Her Truth in Unauthorized Batman Parody
Peter Debruge Chief Film Critic In the DC Extended Universe, it’s not the villains who have identity issues, but the heroes. Bruce Wayne watched his parents get murdered, adopted a teenage sidekick and now spends his nights cosplaying as the creature everyone associates with vampires. Kal-El also saw his parents die and goes through life trying to pass as the earthling Clark Kent, wearing spandex under his work clothes, just in case. These are not the traits of well-adjusted normies, and as such, there’s enormous subversive appeal in seeing trans artist Vera Drew turn such iconic characters inside-out in the illicitly made marvel that is “The People’s Joker.” Coming from a place of deep fan love and equally profound institutional mistrust, Drew’s anarchic feature-length parody impishly treads the line of fair use, so much so that the helmer pulled the film from the Toronto Film Festival after its raucous Midnight Madness premiere, citing “rights issues.” But what did she expect? The irreverent underground project reimagines the Joker’s origin story as a queer coming-of-age/coming-to-terms narrative, using a mishmash of styles: mostly crude live-action of the kind you expect from public-access programming (shot against greenscreens, then composited with rudimentary CG sets), embellished with various forms of homemade animation.