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Standing up for equality

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Dallas Mavericks guard/forward Reggie Bullock (Photo courtesy of Dallas Mavericks) Dallas Mavs hold 4th Pride Night, highlight team member Reggie Bullock’s advocacy Tammye Nash | Managing The Dallas Mavericks are celebrating their fourth Pride Night event on Saturday, Jan.

15, during their game against the Orlando Magic at the American Airlines Center. And the team’s LGBTQ community liaison, Kathy Jack, this week said Mavs Pride night is about a lot more than just bringing more people to a game. “It’s very important that the Mavs do this for the LGBTQ community and for every community.

That’s what they practice; their big thing is inclusivity and diversity,” Jack said. “I have been a Mavs fan for as long as I can remember,” she continued. “But a lot of my friends never went to the games because they just never felt like they would be accepted, or they were afraid they’d get pushback [from homophobic sports fans].

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