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Sign Telling Identity-Confused Kids 'I'm Your Mom Now' Sparks Controversy

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by Parents Defending Education, a "nonprofit national, grassroots nonprofit empowering parents to advocate for classrooms that educate – not indoctrinate," according to their account.High school staff member in Eau Claire, WI displays poster that tells students, "I'm Your Mom Now." Piper Thompson, communications manager of the Eau Claire Area School District, confirmed to Newsweek that the sign was posted on a door at Eau Claire's North High School before it was taken down.

Piper Thompson said she could not comment further. Prior to talking with her, Newsweek had reached out to the school's principal Kurt Madsen.Newsweek also reached out to current school board president Tim Nordin, incumbent school board member Marquell Johnson and board candidate Stephanie Farrar for comment.

Nordin said he couldn't comment because the incident had to do with an individual staff member and would violate Wisconsin state law regarding confidentiality while Farrar said she couldn't comment on the situation because she didn't know the details surrounding it.According to a report by the website Wisconsin Right Now, the sign was also visible in a December 2021 post on the Eau Claire North High School Facebook page, which was announcing a new staff member named Jessica France.

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