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Sharon Gaffka: It’s time Love Island features LGBTQ+ contestants

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Pride month, which means it’s a celebration of the LGBTQ community’s love, acceptance, diversity and pride. It’s also the month in which season eight of Love Island begins.But wouldn’t it be even better if we combined the two things and the show prominently featured LGBTQ+ contestants?

As someone who’s previously opened up on the show about my bisexuality, I’d welcome this wholeheartedly. There is an ongoing conversation surrounding the lack of LGBTQ+ representation on Love Island and shows of a similar nature.The queer community has been fighting for representation on TV for decades.

Yes, the industry has been taking strides in the right direction, but this doesn’t mean that the queer community is getting fair opportunities.The definition of LGBTQ+ is often oversimplified to ‘just being gay’, but that’s not the part.

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