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School board president receives death threats for supporting “radical transgender agenda”

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press release from a group of school board candidates opposed to the training called it yet another example of schools disregarding parental rights by instructing teachers to withhold information from parents about “major developments” in their children’s school life.“By indicating that information about your child is ‘knowledge that must be earned,’ [the school district] is setting a dangerous precedent.

If identity questions for your child can be hidden from you, is diet, curriculum, healthcare, inappropriate relationships, mental health concerns, etc.

also no longer the business of parents? Just what are parents and guardians allowed to know and when?” the release says.Nordin said he believes the threats to shoot up the school board meeting were a consequence of misconstruing the intent of the staff training, which is that teachers are supposed to honor the humanity of students who may not feel comfortable or safe coming out to their parents — and to avoid “outing” those students if teachers have reason to believe the child would become a target for abuse if such information was known.“[F]or some students, in some situations, we have to understand the context of that and know that if they’re not safe and they trust an adult at the school, that might be the only adult that they have to trust in their lives,” he said. “And that’s important to keeping children safe.”Regarding his own family, Nordin said he informed his wife of the threat, who called in one of the couple’s sons from the backyard, with his family locking themselves indoors while Nordin went to the school district office to warn them of the threat.

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