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Russian Artist & Activist Faces Jail For Vagina Drawings

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Russia has been accused of acting as a foreign agent and could serve over three years in prison for violating the country’s strict anti-LGBTQ+ pornography laws.Yulia Tsvetkova, 27, from Komsomolsk-on-Amur on the far eastern edge of the country, is on trial in a closed courtroom for posting drawings of the human vagina to a page on the Russian social networking platform V Kontakte.

Since then she has lost her job, was forced to close her MERAK youth theater studio because of threats to the children, and the entire process has left her life in tatters, she's said.“Speaking of facts, my life has been completely destroyed,” Tsvetkova told the BBC. “This is not a metaphor, this is reality.”According to a report in the Russian-language OVD, Tsvetkova was turned into authorities by Timur Bulatov, a self-described anti-LGBTQ+ activist, who claimed the artistic drawings of the vagina, including those drawn by Tsvetkova of her own vagina, she posted to her “Vagina Monologues” page (named after the play of the same name) violated article 242 of Russia’s draconian criminal code.

The page was used to share body-positive art featuring women's bodies.Since November 2019, she has been a defendant in five different trials related to the accusations.

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