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Report: Story DeSantis Uses to Support 'Don't Say Gay' Is 'Just a Lie'

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CNN, which are referenced in a lawsuit the mother has filed against the district, show there was extensive consultation, even if she was not satisfied with the outcome overall.“We had a mother from Leon County, and her daughter was going to school and some people in the school had decided that the daughter was really a boy and not a girl,” DeSantis said in a Tuesday news conference in Jasper, Fla. “So they changed the girl’s name to a boy’s name, had her dress like a boy and on doing all this stuff, without telling the mother or getting consent from the mother.

First of all, they shouldn’t be doing that at all. But to do these things behind the parents’ back and to say that the parents should be shut out.

That is wrong.” The Republican governor, a possible GOP presidential nominee in 2024, told the same story in Palm Beach County last week.The “don’t say gay” legislation, which DeSantis signed into law last month, restricts classroom mentions of sexual orientation and gender identity and expands parents’ ability to sue school districts, so there will likely be more suits like this.But emails between the mother, January Littlejohn, and school officials show that she wasn’t “shut out.” Littlejohn emailed a teacher on August 27, 2020, saying, “This has been an incredibly difficult situation for our family and her father and I are trying to be as supportive as we can.

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