Real-Life Couples Are Revealing How Often They Have Sex — And It's Proof That Intimacy Is So, So Different For Everyone

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about sexcan give everyone more insight into what they want (and don't want) when it comes to their sex lives. —gabrielleebarrera—boom_al_hazard"I think we both dislike our own bodies these days, too, and it doesn’t make us feel sexy.

When I feel sexy, I always wanna have sex. I would have to relearn to have sex with him though because I have to get past the weirdness."—vintagesitar—atomicghosts"We’ve really grown up. We both went through childhood traumas that trained us to hide. From rejection, from feeling unworthy or stupid, and because hiding was more comfortable.Because of everything we’ve been through AND therapy, we’ve come out of our hidden holes, and the more we see each other, the more we like each other."—katiec1—rtrz—jessicaf22"We also both live with our parents due to COVID, so finding privacy is tough. We’re both very physically attracted to each other, but between our work schedules, his mental health, and privacy issues, it’s really hard. Depression is a bitch."—emilyh4c03a6db3—ameliah4ef83b0c3"I think being honest with your partner about your sexual wants and needs is really important, while still understanding that life sometimes gets in the way.

There are so many factors that can impact sex, and being understanding and communicative can help ensure that both partners feel heard, valued, and satisfied."—la0912—turkeyinacan"What I’ve learned is it’s never always going to be the same. But as long as you are talking about it, it’s OK.

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