Play that funky music

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Members of Turtle Creek Chorale will be wearing their standard black tuxedos for their ‘70s concert, but keep an eye on the footwear. (Photo courtesy of Turtle Creek Chorale) The Turtle Creek Chorale finds its groove in the ’70s RICH LOPEZ | Staff The Turtle Creek Chorale is taking audiences to Funkytown.

With everything from classic ballads to disco anthems, the Turtles are going back in time for their That ’70s Show concert at McFarlin Auditorium this weekend.

And this throwback show sounds less like a chorale show than it does a party. “If you’re expecting to come and be wowed by the most emotionally staggering music you’ve ever heard, this is the wrong show,” admitted artistic director Sean Baugh. “This show was purely built to be fun.

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