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Hilary Duff recreates iconic pro-gay PSA, ends homophobia again

“Sparks” singer Hilary Duff re-established herself as a pioneer of the queer rights movement yet again this week.Pentatonix member Scott Hoying and his fiancé teamed up with the star to recreate an enduring public service announcement from 2008. In it, Duff confronts two girls in a shop for using the word “gay” derogatorily.The fact that she read the girls down in the process just added to the magic of it all.This new recreation really takes us right back to ’08:In the words of Derrick Berry, “That was fighting for gay rights.

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Famously private Sade is having a moment as fans hear her speaking voice for first time
A resurfaced clip of Sade’s appearance on The Wanda Sykes show is reminding fans of their love for the singer, and offering many a first chance to hear the famously private artist’s speaking voice.Plus, it’s proof of Sade’s comedy chops, as if there aren’t enough reasons to admire her.The Nigerian-born British singer has long evaded the limelight, despite being one of the most successful recording artists alive with over 50 million records sold.Related: Sade’s trans son posts moving Instagram post thanking momWhen her 2010 album Soldier of Love was released — her first album in 10 years — Sade joked about her own elusiveness with Wanda Sykes.We don’t know why this video resurfaced, but we’re glad it did:this sketch was so funny she’s really mother pic.twitter.com/H5C5FcIMRt— é (@foxxybemine) February 16, 2022The Sade love came flooding in, and many remarked it was their first time actually hearing her speak:Would you believe this is my first time hearing Sade's speaking voice? lol https://t.co/9CO0Yr4pSW— nathan (@868nathan) February 16, 2022Sade’s voice ??????????????? I love it https://t.co/zwO49JEx1p— F R E E B O D Y $ H Y (@SHYBRIM) February 16, 2022I’m realizing I’ve never heard Sade speak before now https://t.co/OYwh3epq7y— Modern Day Esther ? (@ModernEsther_) February 16, 2022I just realized I’ve never heard her speak outside of singing omg, her voice is alluring— Mani Moo (@ManiFreakingMoo) February 16, 2022Me if they use her voice for Siri: pic.twitter.com/kX1qOiWqlE— The Assuaging Charientist (@Rihannas_Crush) February 16, 2022Sade is just ethereal.. she is one of those artists that’s multi generational..