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Elon Musk's Twitter Will Amplify Hate Just in Time for Midterms

$44 billion buyout of Twitter goes through, he’ll bring back Trump. According to The New York Times, Musk called the decision to ban Mr. Trump “morally wrong and flat-out stupid.” He said individual posts to Twitter could be hidden and that individuals could still be temporarily suspended “if they say something that is illegal or otherwise just, you know, destructive to the world.” But he said that “permanent bans just fundamentally undermine trust in Twitter.”Does anyone see the irony in Musk referring to Trump’s ban as “morally wrong and flat-out stupid?” Trump was removed because his tweets were morally wrong and flat-out stupid.  And this is a perfect example of an old axiom that couldn’t be truer in this situation: “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”The far right will rejoice to the heavens once its fearless leader returns to his former nest and tweets deafeningly with vulgarity.

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