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Tom Daley Is 'Furious' Over International Swimming's Trans Ban

Advocate cover star, told iNews at a press conference Friday. The iNews piece is available to subscribers only, but several other outlets, including the BBC, have summaries.“You know, like most queer people, anyone that’s told they can’t compete or can’t do something they love just because of who they are, it’s not on,” Daley said.

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Just when we didn’t think Dave Chappelle could sink any lower, this new audio leaked and… ew
Dave Chappelle is out of new material.Newly posted audio from the Netflix is a Joke Festival at the Hollywood Bowl in late April finds Chappelle clinging to the same tired, queerphobic comedy that has kept him recently relevant.Chappelle blasted Lil Nas X as a “promiscuous f*g,” called Lia Thomas a man, and compared transness to him “identifying as Chinese” before putting on a heavy stereotypical East Asian accent.The section of his stand-up focused on Lil Nas X was based around the statement, “I don’t like Lil Nas X. It’s not because he’s gay; it’s because he’s slutty.”Dave Chappelle speaks on Lil Nas X— ⚜️ LTDP FRIDAY (@lilnasxmajor) June 22, 2022 Even after speaking on Lil Nas X as one of the “promiscuous f*gs in Hollywood,” he somehow expected the crowd to believe him later on he said he respects Lil Nas X because he’s “busy being himself.”In another part of the show, Chappelle returned to his trademark transphobia, this time targeting Lia Thomas specifically (or, as he referred to her, “this trans swimming b*tch”).Watch. Or maybe don’t.Chappelle continued the tired rhetoric that Thomas is completely dominating the sport since transitioning (for reference, Thomas has won one single race in competition since transitioning).A large portion of the country, including a number of legislators, wish that trans people did not exist and plan to do their best to make it so, and Chappelle is out here laughing with those folks in front of thousands and thousands of people.He asserts each time that he launches a new attack against the trans community that he “has nothing against them,” but is clearly content with contributing to the culture that would see them eradicated.In 2006, Chappelle left his
Caitlyn Jenner was a transphobic trainwreck on Fox News last night
Caitlyn Jenner went on Hannity last night to once again blast transgender athletes and attack swimmer Lia Thomas’ recent Good Morning America interview.Jenner, who really needs to get a new hobby, said Thomas’ interview focused on how much happier she is since transitioning, a happiness which Jenner credits not to Thomas living her truth but instead to her winning medals “at the expense of the other female athletes.”Related: Caitlyn Jenner retweets transphobic tweet aimed at trans athletesFellow guest speaker and Fox News shill Tammy Bruce then made the discussion about Thomas herself, stating that “it is about character; it’s about selfishness, it’s about self-indulgence, it’s about narcissism.”Jenner had begun the segment by saying that the “fault” of the situation was with the NCAA and not Thomas, but immediately switched to agreeing with Bruce’s wholly negative assessment of Thomas’ character the second it was brought into question.Related: Caitlyn Jenner just said another really stupid thing and we can’t even with her anymoreThings went even further off the rails when Jenner insisted that she herself still has an advantage in golf after seven years of transitioning and would never compete in women’s golf, and that Thomas “has a lot left over” though having undergone hormone replacement therapy for over the NCAA’s one year requirement.For the record: Jenner herself competed in an LPGA tournament just a year after beginning her transition, but who keeps track of things like that?Jenner went on a long Twitter tirade against Lia Thomas and trans athletes on Wednesday–the first day of Pride month–as a continuation of her appearance on Fox & Friends that same day.The woke world we are living in today is what has allowed
Piers Morgan defends JK Rowling and insists 'she'll survive' cancel culture amid trans row
Piers Morgan has defended Harry Potter author JK Rowling, insisting "she'll survive" the attempts to cancel her following her remarks surrounding transgender issues and the definition of women.The former Life Stories host, 57, was speaking during the press launch of his new TalkTV show, Uncensored, when he insisted that like himself and his TalkTV colleague Sharon Osbourne, the Harry Potter author will survive being a victim of cancel culture.When asked to address the difference between holding someone to account and calling for them to be cancelled, the outspoken TV star was quick to clarify the two.Piers said: "You can hold people to vigorous account, you can be severely critical of people, I'm like that all the time."I write very critical columns of people."I don't call for them to be cancelled."I don't call for their lives to be ruined and then to be basically disintegrated in front of our very eyes," he added.Piers explained: "That is cancelled culture and it's getting worse and worse and worse, and people like Sharon and I will survive."JK Rowling, she'll survive the most appalling abuse and attempts to cancel her for having an opinion that she stands up for women's rights."It's appalling what happened to her, but we know where this line is," he said to Huffington Post and other publications.Earlier this this year, Piers put aside his feud with the author to defend the "cancelled" star amid the transgender row.Piers branded the treatment of the author "an absolute disgrace" amid the backlash she is facing for airing her views on the on sex and gender.He looked to the issue of the US transgender swimmer, Lia Thomas, who is set to become a world champion after having joined the women's team, as an example.The swimmer
'Virtue-signalling insanity' Piers Morgan on ruling over transgender cyclist Emily Bridges
Piers Morgan, who has been campaigning against transgender people competing in women's sport for years, took to Twitter in celebration."Finally, a ray of common sense shines up from the virtue-signalling insanity," he wrote jubilantly in view of almost eight million followers.If she had taken part, 21-year-old Emily would have been up against some formidable competition, including five-times Olympic champion Laura Kenny.However it is believed that those who were assigned male at birth face physical advantages against those who were born female, including levels of the hormone testosterone.Although the hormone is present in both males and females, it is men who have significantly higher amounts of it - and the substance, which promotes the building of muscle, is one of the factors in men having an athletic advantage.The Union Cycliste Internationale requires their contestants to have had testosterone levels that are below five nanomoles per litre for at least a year prior to competing.However the association has confirmed that Emily does not meet the criteria and British Cycling subsequently issued a statement to say so.It read: "We have now been informed by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) that under their current guidelines Emily is not eligible to participate in this event."Piers had earlier hit out over the victory of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas in the 500-yard freestyle swimming contest in the USA's NCAA Championships, deeming it "unfair".World Athletics President Lord Sebastian Coe has taken the same stance as Piers, arguing in his professional capacity that decisions to allow transgender athletes and sportspeople to compete is placing the "integrity" of women's sport under threat.He has insisted that
Meghan McCain Calls Marjorie Taylor Greene 'A Freak' Over Buttigieg Remarks
Marjorie Taylor Greene "a freak" after the GOP congresswoman bizarrely told Transportation Secretary Peter Buttigieg and his husband to "stay out of our girls' bathrooms."Greene took aim at Buttigieg during a rally in Commerce, Georgia, headlined by former president Donald Trump on Saturday."You know what? Pete Buttigieg can take his electric vehicles and his bicycle, and he and his husband can stay out of our girls' bathrooms," she said, eliciting cheers.It's not clear what exactly Greene meant by the comment, but she has a history of spouting extreme and hateful rhetoric and embracing conspiracy theories, which has seen her stripped of committee assignments and her personal Twitter account permanently banned.Just keep in mind Trump supporters and GOP leadership have more of a problem with @Liz_Cheney than this freak. her speech on Saturday, she also spoke about transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, saying "he" needs to go back to the men's team "because we're going to kick the biological men out of the women's sports."McCain, a former panelist on The View and the daughter of the late John McCain, shared a clip from Greene's speech on Twitter, adding: "Just keep in mind Trump supporters and GOP leadership have more of a problem with @Liz_Cheney than this freak."Last year, the Wyoming GOP voted to no longer recognize Cheney as a member of the Republican Party due to her criticism of former president Donald Trump, and vote to impeach him for his role in inciting the January 6 riot at the U.S.
Piers Morgan puts aside JK Rowling feud to defend 'cancelled' star amid transgender row
Piers Morgan has said he's put aside his feud with Harry Potter author JK Rowling to defend her amid the ongoing transgender row she's embroiled in.The TV personality, 56, branded the treatment of the author "an absolute disgrace" amid the backlash she is facing for airing her views on the on sex and gender publicly.Piers addressed the topic of the US transgender swimmer, Lia Thomas, who is set to become a "world-beating superstar" after having joined the women's team.He wrote that the swimmer previously competed unsuccessfully on the University of Pennsylvania men's team.Piers branded the move "grotesquely unfair" in a new column but added that anyone who criticises the move is immediately branded "transphobic".The star wrote that he "unequivocally" the rights of trans people to equality and fairness but added that Thomas had a "massive biological advantage" over her competitors.Piers went on to write that defenders of women's rights are frequently subjected to "the intolerant cancel culture mob", claiming that they try to "destroy careers and lives" for the cause.The former Life Stories host looked to the case of Rowling as an example who has received death threats over the matter on Twitter.Yesterday, the best-selling author hit back at Russian president Vladimir Putin, who compared the cancellation of the Harry Potter author to the sanctions placed upon Russia for invading Ukraine.In a speech, Putin said: "They cancelled Joanne Rowling recently, the children’s author, her books are published all over the world - just because she didn’t satisfy the demands of gender rights."They are now trying to cancel our country.
Ron DeSantis just reaffirmed his status as human garbage
Florida governor Ron DeSantis put his transphobia on full display while challenging the results of last week’s National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) swimming championship women’s 500-yard freestyle event.Trans athlete Lia Thomas narrowly beat Florida-native Emma Weyant, but not according to DeSantis.In a proclamation that misgenders Thomas and has no bearing on the results, the governor declared Weyant, who previously won the silver medal at the 400m individual medley at the Tokyo Olympics, the “rightful winner” of the event.Related: DeSantis press secretary tweets vile take on ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill and the Internet just can’t with her“By allowing men to compete in women’s sports, the NCAA is destroying opportunities for women, making a mockery of its championships, and perpetuating a fraud,” DeSantis tweeted along with the proclamation.He continued: “In Florida, we reject these lies and recognize Sarasota’s Emma Weyant as the best women’s swimmer in the 500y freestyle.”By allowing men to compete in women's sports, the NCAA is destroying opportunities for women, making a mockery of its championships, and perpetuating a fraud.In Florida, we reject these lies and recognize Sarasota's Emma Weyant as the best women's swimmer in the 500y freestyle.— Ron DeSantis (@GovRonDeSantis) March 22, 2022DeSantis’ position that transgender athletes being allowed to compete puts “ideology ahead of opportunity for women athletes” has no scientific basis, according to experts.Many were quick to call out his transphobic comments for what they are:Ron DeSantis is a transphobic POS.