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Pages from Keith Haring’s rare, decidedly safe-for-kids coloring book

It goes without saying that Keith Haring’s work is possessed of a childlike simplicity; albeit a simplicity that stands in marked contrast to its libidinous subject matter.But what happens when the latter is completely out of the picture?Related: “Keith Haring’s Ghost” Spreads Message Of Love With Guerrilla ArtDangerous Minds points out that a Keith Haring coloring book is readily available on Amazon (for a scant $7.95, no less), and the result looks shuttled in from some alien dimension in which the artist’s work is readily kid-friendly.Not only does it teach children how to make a big mess with crayons, it’s also a counting book, with every image centering around a number between 1 and 19.Related: Happy 58th Birthday, Keith HaringYou can see the entire set of 20 lithographs at Artnet Auctions, which are selling for the not-so-scant price of $800-$1,200 per plate.Here are some highlights from the work:

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