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‘LGBT rights are going back to the 1980s while the movement fights about gender’

politics and the media.While the issue is furiously litigated on social media, the organisation he runs, the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT), works on the ground every day to help those whose stories are often overlooked.Trans issues have fuelled debate in activist and academic quarters for a long time but 2022 looks set to be the year it goes fully mainstream.Under Boris Johnson, the gender debate has become politicised, from the stripping of trans protections from the ‘conversion therapies’ bill, to his jibes over Sir Keir Starmer’s ‘struggle to define what a woman is’.From major sports bodies adopting new gender policies, to high-profile interventions from national figures like J. K.

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Emma Watson and JK Rowling 'rift' claim 'rejected' by Harry Potter co-star amid trans row
Harry Potter creator JK Rowling and the cast, including Hermione Granger actress Emma Watson, following the author's vocal stance on trans issues. Additionally, Emma appeared to snub the author at the BAFTA Awards earlier this year, after she said that she is "here for all the witches" while presenting an award at the event, seemingly in reference to Rowling's criticism of Labour Leader Keir Starmer saying "trans women are women".It comes after Rowling faced backlash after taking to Twitter two years ago to mock an article which used the phrase, "people who menstruate" instead of "women".Additionally, last year celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter franchise's first installment.And while many cast and crew members were invited back to film scenes for the one-off taping, JK was nowhere to be seen.Instead, she appeared in archived clips taken from previous interviews as fans rushed to social media, under the impression JK had been snubbed from the reunion.Appearing on GB News earlier this year, Evanna attempted to dispel rumours of a rift between the cast and the creator of the wizarding world.The Luna Lovegood actress said: "I think there's things we don't all agree with and don't understand."The star went on to insist that despite a difference of opinion, they all respect each other.She continued: "I've talked to all the cast, they all have great respect for her even if they don't agree with her beliefs."I really strongly disagree with the narrative that there's a rift," she added.The star went on: "She has her beliefs and she's doing her thing.