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Richard Coles ‘frustrated’ Church of England ‘resisting’ LGBT equality: ‘I’ve been fighting for 40 years and I’m a bit weary’

Jake Daniels came out as gay.He explained: ‘The big battle for LGBT people in the Church of England has been trying to get for us the equal treatment that the rest of the world is used to.‘We’ve heard the remarkable story of the 17-year-old footballer coming out, the first pro-footballer to do it while still having a career since Justin Fashanu.‘Credit to Jake Daniels, it’s an amazing thing and lots of people have said it’s long overdue that football should have taken so long to welcome its first openly gay player.’Speaking to the PA news agency, the 60-year-old, who is promoting his first novel, Murder Before Evensong, went on: ‘Lots of us who are LGBT are in the Church but the Church at the moment resists giving us equal status which you would expect and enjoy anywhere else.‘That can be frustrating sometimes. I don’t want to pretend it’s just an easy matter, it’s not.

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