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Jim Jordan is sure acting like a guy who knows he’s totally 100% screwed

For someone who purports to have a law degree and has been working in politics for the last 27 years, you’d think Jim Jordan would have a better idea of how subpoenas work.(In Gym’s defense, even though he has a Juris Doctor from the Capital University Law School, in 2018, he admitted that he never passed the bar exam… mainly because he never bothered taking it in the first place.)Related: It sure looks like Jim Jordan is in for one very crappy summerThe anti-LGBTQ congressman told the House select committee investigating the Capitol attack this week that he might consider complying with the subpoena they sent him, but only if he can see what dirt they have on him first.“Because your subpoena is an unprecedented use of a committee’s compulsory authority against another member,” Jordan said in a six-page letter to the committee, “I respectfully ask for the following material so that I may adequately further respond to your subpoena.”Response to the January 6th Committee:— Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) May 25, 2022To be clear, that’s not how subpoenas work.

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An emotional Eric Trump almost broke down sobbing on Fox News last night
Eric Trump took a break from making macaroni art to go on Fox News last night, where he almost started crying while speaking to Sean Hannity about the recent allegations highlighted by Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, the special counsel appointed under Donald Trump to investigate the FBI’s probing of Russian interference in the 2016 election.On Friday, Durham alleged that a tech executive with ties to the Clinton campaign “exploited” access to White House data by peeking at internet traffic from Trump Tower and the White House in an effort to to find “derogatory” information about the ex-president.“At what point is it acceptable to break into the servers at the White House? That’s the most cherished building in this country that has the most top secrets, everything in this country that runs our government,” Eric, sounding particularly high-pitched, told Hannity.Related: Lara Trump just proved money can’t buy classHe then went on to question why prosecutors weren’t looking into this, concluding that it’s obviously because his father is probably going to win back the presidency in 2024.“Sean, where are the prosecutors right now? The same prosecutors that go after my father every single day for nothing, right? Just because he’s clearly the frontrunner for 2024!”Becoming increasingly more unhinged, Eric then went on to accuse Hillary Clinton of “fraud” and “all sorts of offenses”.