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Dave Chappelle Calls Students 'Instruments of Oppression' Over Trans Fury
Dave Chappelle has spoken out about the backlash he faced over his comments concerning transgender women in his controversial Netflix special, The Closer, calling the students who criticized him "instruments of oppression."In his new Netflix special, What's in a Name?—which was released by the streaming giant in Thursday without prior announcement—the comedian addressed the matter during a speech in June at his alma mater, the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C.Chappelle spoke at a ceremony where there had been plans to name the school's theater after him, a decision that was widely criticized because of the comments the comic had made about trans women in November 2021's The Closer.Amid the backlash, Chappelle also attended a Q&A session with the school's students, who criticized him for failing to listen to the LGBTQ community with regards to the content of some of his material.During the renaming ceremony, Chappelle announced that he had decided against having the school's theater named after him in light of the backlash. The school subsequently named the space the Theater for Artistic Freedom and Expression.While announcing the theater's new name during his 40-minute speech shown on What's in a Name, Chappelle mostly spoke about his years at the school, before going on to speak about the backlash he had faced over The Closer."All the kids were screaming and yelling," he said, per Variety.
Just when we didn’t think Dave Chappelle could sink any lower, this new audio leaked and… ew
Dave Chappelle is out of new material.Newly posted audio from the Netflix is a Joke Festival at the Hollywood Bowl in late April finds Chappelle clinging to the same tired, queerphobic comedy that has kept him recently relevant.Chappelle blasted Lil Nas X as a “promiscuous f*g,” called Lia Thomas a man, and compared transness to him “identifying as Chinese” before putting on a heavy stereotypical East Asian accent.The section of his stand-up focused on Lil Nas X was based around the statement, “I don’t like Lil Nas X. It’s not because he’s gay; it’s because he’s slutty.”Dave Chappelle speaks on Lil Nas X pic.twitter.com/Uu8Wjpq6LR— ⚜️ LTDP FRIDAY (@lilnasxmajor) June 22, 2022 Even after speaking on Lil Nas X as one of the “promiscuous f*gs in Hollywood,” he somehow expected the crowd to believe him later on he said he respects Lil Nas X because he’s “busy being himself.”In another part of the show, Chappelle returned to his trademark transphobia, this time targeting Lia Thomas specifically (or, as he referred to her, “this trans swimming b*tch”).Watch. Or maybe don’t.Chappelle continued the tired rhetoric that Thomas is completely dominating the sport since transitioning (for reference, Thomas has won one single race in competition since transitioning).A large portion of the country, including a number of legislators, wish that trans people did not exist and plan to do their best to make it so, and Chappelle is out here laughing with those folks in front of thousands and thousands of people.He asserts each time that he launches a new attack against the trans community that he “has nothing against them,” but is clearly content with contributing to the culture that would see them eradicated.In 2006, Chappelle left his
Dave Chappelle crashed John Mulaney’s comedy show and fans are NOT having it
John Mulaney has had a straight year of controversy since leaving his wife of six years for Olivia Munn last May, but a dedicated core of his fans have stuck by him through it all.However, after ambushing the crowd at Ohio State University’s Value City Arena on Friday with a surprise opening set from transphobic comedian Dave Chappelle, it seems the goodwill of some fans may be dwindling.Chappelle’s Netflix special The Closer from last October went especially hard with punching down at the trans community, and the ensuing controversy with Netflix is well-documented.Mulaney on the other hand has drawn queer fans in for years with characters like Stefon on Saturday Night Live and light-hearted jokes like his New in Town bit comparing his childhood self to “a 67-year-old gay man who’s kind of over it.”His decision to bring Chappelle on as the opener on his “From Scratch” tour stop in Columbus, Ohio has those same fans feeling forsaken…okay so tell me why I just went to the John Mulaney show and Dave Chappelle was a surprise opener and made not only a transphobic joke but a homophobic one— maddie (@boobeoisie) May 21, 2022if i was john mulaney i would maybe acknowledge the fact that a vast amount of my fanbase consists of queer young people and simply not openly be a chappelle supporter— the people’s princess (@lif3aquatic) May 21, 2022“don’t like chappelle’s transphobic material? don’t watch it” sure gets blown out of the water when he can just show up at a john mulaney show and fuck up your night— dr caitlin green (offense archaologist) (@caitlinmoriah) May 23, 2022I take back every defense I’ve made of John mulaney, very divorced of him to have Dave Chappelle open for him and tell a bunch of transphobic jokes.