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Trans Republican Caitlyn Jenner is Sucking Up to Fox News Hosts to Boost Her “Political Career”

Conservative transgender celebrity Caitlyn Jenner has reportedly sent repeated compliments, gifts, and “special surprises for Christmas” to Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson in the hopes of boosting her so-called political career, Towleroad reported.

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Pro golfer Hailey Davidson obliterates Caitlyn Jenner’s argument against trans athletes in .5 seconds
Caitlyn Jenner’s super hypocritical comments about trans women in sports on Fox News last week left golfer Hailey Davidson in an odd place.Jenner came out in support of Davidson golfing competitively against other women, saying that she is “playing by the rules”, as opposed to all the other trans athletes that Jenner has been critical of in the past.This is initially surprising in the face of her previous anti-trans athletics comments. It becomes less surprising, however, with the fact that golf just happens to be Jenner’s sport of choice these days.In her first interview since the segment aired, Davidson carefully threads the needle of responding to a trans figure supporting her through the use of transphobic rhetoric.Related: Caitlyn Jenner was a transphobic trainwreck on Fox News last nightShe starts by telling TMZ that she appreciates the support (a point she reiterates throughout that works well to soften her objections).“The support has been awesome,” she says, though adding that it was “definitely surprising.”She asserts that she and Jenner “sure disagree on some things,” presumably in regard to other trans people in athletics.“I would love to talk to her a little bit more about how we are all athletes, and her experience may not be everyone’s experience.She says that Jenner likely has a much different view as a former decathlete, stating, “With what she was training to do, yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s pretty big and strong.”“While sports are different, it needs to be treated on more of a human basis.
Caitlyn Jenner was a transphobic trainwreck on Fox News last night
Caitlyn Jenner went on Hannity last night to once again blast transgender athletes and attack swimmer Lia Thomas’ recent Good Morning America interview.Jenner, who really needs to get a new hobby, said Thomas’ interview focused on how much happier she is since transitioning, a happiness which Jenner credits not to Thomas living her truth but instead to her winning medals “at the expense of the other female athletes.”Related: Caitlyn Jenner retweets transphobic tweet aimed at trans athletesFellow guest speaker and Fox News shill Tammy Bruce then made the discussion about Thomas herself, stating that “it is about character; it’s about selfishness, it’s about self-indulgence, it’s about narcissism.”Jenner had begun the segment by saying that the “fault” of the situation was with the NCAA and not Thomas, but immediately switched to agreeing with Bruce’s wholly negative assessment of Thomas’ character the second it was brought into question.Related: Caitlyn Jenner just said another really stupid thing and we can’t even with her anymoreThings went even further off the rails when Jenner insisted that she herself still has an advantage in golf after seven years of transitioning and would never compete in women’s golf, and that Thomas “has a lot left over” though having undergone hormone replacement therapy for over the NCAA’s one year requirement.For the record: Jenner herself competed in an LPGA tournament just a year after beginning her transition, but who keeps track of things like that?Jenner went on a long Twitter tirade against Lia Thomas and trans athletes on Wednesday–the first day of Pride month–as a continuation of her appearance on Fox & Friends that same day.The woke world we are living in today is what has allowed