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Oklahoma Gay Mayor Resigns, Citing Harassment, Threats

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“Unfortunately, these malicious bad-faith attacks are escalating and I no longer feel safe to serve in my capacity as mayor,” he wrote in a statement on Twitter. “It’s with a heavy-heart that I tender my resignation effective immediately.”Bruce Stone, the city manager of The Village, said that if the city council does not appoint a mayor before the new term begins next May, it could be short one member for a year.According to NBC News, Graham had entered office with the intent of shaking things up, promoting “new ideas” that sought to alter the political status quo.

He suggested banning conversion therapy within the city’s borders, establishing a new park, and increasing public transportation options.Graham noted in his resignation letter that another contributing factor in his decision to leave office was a conflict between Graham and police officers from the nearby Nichols Hills Police Department over whether police had the right to pull over residents of The Village.During a traffic stop, Graham confronted the officers and told them to “get out” of the city — sparking a conflict with the police chief of Nichols Hills, who cited mutual aid agreements between the two cities as justification for the traffic stops and blasted Graham, garnering him even more bad press.In a follow-up statement explaining his resignation, Graham said he loved his job as a city councilor and mayor. “It was a pleasure and a privilege serving my community and working alongside my constituents.

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