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Nobody has a clue what’s happening in this video but it’s taken Twitter by storm

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If two shirtless guys casually work out with a bear in the woods and there’s nobody there to film it, did it even happen?Luckily we don’t need to answer that, as the bizarre moment was captured on video and has since gone viral.Related: Ripped man rescues stranded dog by stripping down to underwear and plunging into freezing cold lakeIn the clip, one man hangs from a branch doing leg raises while the other man punches him in the stomach.

Fun! Behind them, a bear appears to be doing its own workout.The video was shared by Twitter user @platini954, and has been viewed more than 28 million times.???— Certified Vakabon (@platini954) March 4, 2022It’s unclear where (or why) the clip was shot, but some commenters seem to think it’s from Alaska… or Tahoe… or Russia… or Wisconsin.Here a few of the many, many responses:I sense a lot of sexual frustration in this video— Jeremy Judkins (@jeremyjudkins_) March 5, 2022I’m telling people this is Florida— Bob Walker (@rwalker1072) March 5, 2022And herein lies the problem.

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