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Nicki Minaj Backs Texas' First Out Black City Councilman After Shoutout

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NBC News. “Then, I saw that Nicki Minaj had reposted me, and I was like ‘O.M.G.,’ it was so cool and definitely unexpected.” McKee-Rodriguez became the first out gay Black man to be elected in Texas earlier this year.

He’s focused on issues such as LGBTQ+ suicide prevention, LGBTQ-inclusive housing, and COVID-19 vaccinations, according to the outlet.“There’s a whole bunch of people looking me up, and now they are responding to my message — not just my happy birthday, but they are responding to the policy and the change that I am fighting for,” he said. “They see that someone who has long black and red hair in braids and a Nicki shirt … is someone who is not a conventional politician … that we can succeed, and we are.” He hopes that others.

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