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Nancy Reagan Stamp Release During Pride Month Gets Roundly Blasted

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The Advocate’s Christopher Harrity wrote in 2016. “On advice, Reagan promptly fired all the men involved. Reagan trotted out the standard ‘abomination in the eyes of the lord’ tropes. … Even worse was Nancy being quoted as calling homosexuality a ‘sickness’ and an ‘abnormality,’ fresh from a gay date with Jerome Zipkin.”When Ronald Reagan ran for president, he courted and won the support of the Christian right.

Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority group was then the leading force in that movement, and Falwell, the organization, and the movement as a whole were intensely homophobic.Another friend of the Reagans was closeted gay movie star Rock Hudson.

In 1985, when Hudson had developed AIDS, he wanted to be admitted to a French military hospital that was believed to have special treatment, but he needed the Reagans, then in the White House, to intervene on his behalf to be admitted because he wasn’t a French citizen.

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