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Munroe Bergdorf on transphobic TV debates: ‘We’re in this very precarious time’

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Metro.co.uk as Queerpiphany, her show with Drag Race UK star Tayce, hits YouTube.During episode one, guest Yasmin Finney references Munroe’s Good Morning Britain interview in 2018, during which she clashed with presenter Piers Morgan.

Four years on, daytime TV hosts are still having ‘debates’ about the trans community. ‘It hasn’t been an easy ride for me,’ Munroe reflected. ‘I think we’re in this very precarious moment in time when it comes to trans rights and I think that it’s very reminiscent of where gay men were in the 1980s and 90s with this mass hysteria over – at the time, it was gay men, now it’s trans people.

Like, what does that mean if we have equal rights? Should we be allowed in the spaces we want to be in? All these things are being debated about trans people were being debated about gay men in the 1980s and 1990s so we know exactly where it’s rooted.

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