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Megyn Kelly: I Have a Lot of Gay and Lesbian Friends

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Megyn Kelly says she has a lot of gay friends and has been speaking with them about transgender issues. Kelly did not say she has any transgender friends nor did she say she has been speaking with any transgender people but says her lesbian and gay friends believe transgender people should not be part of the LGB community.

Most LGBTQ people disagree.Kelly invited on her SiriusXM show far-right extremist Steven Crowder, who has been accused of hurling “racist, homophobic taunts,” been called “overtly racist,” and who YouTube last year said was “indicating that trans people pose a rape threat to women.”Crowder has also been called a “Rape Culture Apologist,” and criticized for mocking transgender people’s suicides.On her show, Kelly called Crowder asking “what’s next” in the “slippery slope” of transgender civil rights and equality “if the left has their way?” a “fascinating question.”“I’ve talked to a lot of gay and lesbian friends,” Kelly announced, (appearing to search hard for the word “friends,”) who “have said, ‘I don’t totally get why the T is at the end of LGBT,’ and the Q and all.

The interests aren’t necessarily aligned,” she claimed, a position which most in the LGBTQ community disagree with.“In fact, if you look at like the trans activists – like the crazy trans, not like normal – whatever, the crazy trans activists are so vicious, and they, they’re basically kind of doing conversion therapy on young gay men,” she claimed.“‘You’re not gay, you’re trans, you’re secretly a girl,'” Kelly continued, claiming some trans people are saying.

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