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MCC calls out Boebert for saying Jesus should have been armed

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Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert A day after the folks at (American Muckrakers PAC, the same crew that dragged Madison Cawthorn through the dirt and no doubt contributed to his primary loss last month) spilled some piping hot tea on Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, Metropolitan Community Church is calling out the right-winger for comments she made last weekend at a “self-styled ‘Christian event” in her home state.

A press release for the primarily LGBTQ denomination’s leadership noted that MCC “first commented on Boebert’s nonsense in April” she said on Twitter and people should be legally prohibited from making decisions about their own sexual orientation or gender identity until they are at least 21.

Now, the press release declares, “she’s at it again.” Boebert’s main claims to fame before being elected to Congress in 2020 were dropping out of high school, marrying a registered sex offender and running a restaurant called “Shooters” were staff and patrons alike walk around openly carrying firearms.

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