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Matt Gaetz’s wife praises his generous “gift” giving and, um, awkward

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Matt Gaetz was a featured guest at the Turning Point US AmericaFest in Arizona last weekend, where he peddled 2020 election conspiracy theories while leaning hard into racial animus.“We live in a world today where the left has seized unconstitutional power through mandates, driving people from their jobs, destroying the American dollar, shattering our economy, stealing elections,” Gaetz told the crowd.Related: Matt Gaetz celebrates wedding by posting creepy AF photo of his new bride passed out“They openly campaign for racial reparations and bigoted policies that target white people.

Let’s not prove our valor by enduring pain. I’d like to start dishing it out. Less fortitude, more attitude!”Afterwards, his wife, Ginger Luckey, tweeted a.

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