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Matt Gaetz Argues Against Abortion by Suggesting Same-Sex Couples Can Only Adopt From Raped Lesbian Women (Video)

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U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) delivered an argument against the right to abortion by strongly suggesting same-sex couples only form families by adopting children from lesbian women who have been raped, and said he “worries” if LGBTQ organizations become “pro-abortion” that “fewer same-sex couples” would be able to form families.

The embattled Florida Republican, reportedly under investigation for sex trafficking of a minor, also appeared to not understand the meaning of the word “bisexual,” wrongly suggesting bisexual women do not enter into or maintain monogamous same-sex relationships or marriages.

On Thursday during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on “Privacy and Civil Rights in Post-Roe America,” Gaetz argued against the Human Rights Campaign’s Legal Director who was testifying in support of the right to abortion. (That same attorney in that hearing also debunked an anti-abortion activist’s claim it’s “not an abortion” when a ten-year-old gets an abortion after being raped.) READ MORE: Watch: Head of Anti-Abortion Group Stuns Lawmakers by Declaring Raped 10 Year Old Girl’s Abortion Is ‘Not a Abortion’ Gaetz tried to conflate the right to abortion with the right to adoption while ignoring a tremendous number of children – over 400,000 in foster care and 117,000 waiting to be adopted. “We have tens of thousands of same-sex couples that are raising families and raising children, as a consequence of adoption – tens of thousands, we know that as a consequence of census data,” Gaetz told the HRC attorney Sarah Warbelow. “So is there any data you’re able to reference that it would be more likely for a lesbian woman to have an unwanted pregnancy as a consequence of rape than the formation of a family through a same-sex

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