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Matt Bomer Led Queer Series Fellow Travelers Is Heading To Showtime

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Fellow Travelers, which is set to star out actor Matt Bomer, has been given an eight-episode order at the premium cable network, reports Variety.Fellow Travelers is based on a novel by the same name by Thomas Mallon and is both a political thriller and an epic love story between two very different men over the course of four decades, beginning in McCarthy-era Washington.

Hawkins Fuller (Matt Bomer) is handsome, charismatic, and financially successful in his career in politics. He has intentionally avoided romance until he meets Tim Laughlin, who is the polar opposite of his pragmatism.

Laughlin is an idealist, who has a deep sense of religious faith.While their connection is powerful, it’s also set against the backdrop of Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn’s war on “subversives and sexual deviants,” a dark and terrifying time in American history — particularly for LGBTQ+ people.Over the course of the next four decades, the two cross paths repeatedly, through the Vietnam War protests of the ’60s, the sexual liberation of the ’70s, and the AIDS crisis of the ’80s, all the while facing their own issues and obstacles.The book was adapted for television by Oscar nominee Ron Nyswane (Philadelphia) and will be directed by Daniel Minahan (Halston).

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