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Louisiana Students Taken to Transphobic Church Event Instead of Career Fair

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The Advocate. The event was sponsored by the Christian group 29:11 Mentoring Program and held at Living Faith Christian Center in northeast Baton Rouge.While the event was billed as a "college and career fair," some students and parents later said that it was more focused on pushing religious indoctrination than providing any real career advice.

The event allegedly featured sexist lessons taught after students were separated by gender, while transgender students were allegedly discriminated against and experienced bullying that those in charge allowed to take place.Brittney Bryant, a teacher Woodlawn High School and the mother of a transgender student who attended the event, said on Facebook that she had been forced "to endure watching over 2,000 children's rights be violated" while acting as a chaperone at the "traumatic event.""Inside the church, boys were instructed to go outside while the girls were left in the church for 'girl talk,'" wrote Bryant. "My transgender child was discriminated against for walking out.

I stayed and listened to the discussion. They talked about rape, forgiving the offender in life, suicide, prayer leadership, and many more dark controversial topics.

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