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Logan Paul shares his hot take on ‘Nope’ and everyone’s, like, “NOPE!”

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Noted intellectual Logan Paul shared his review of Jordan Peele’s new film Nope over the weekend, and the response has been amazing.The sci-fi horror is Peele’s highly anticipated follow-up to 2019’s Us and 2017’s zeitgeist-defining, Oscar-winning Get Out.

The star of the latter, Daniel Kaluuya, reunites with the writer-director in Nope, and is joined by Keke “Queen of Memes” Palmer and Minari‘s Steve Yeun.In a series of tweets, Paul labeled the film, “one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time.”“NOPE” is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time.

I love Jordan Peele and Keke Palmer can act her ass off, but this movie is objectively slow and confusing with stretched themes that don’t justify the pace (a thread)— Logan Paul (@LoganPaul) July 24, 2022Without getting into plot, let’s just say many, many, many commenters found it more than a bit ironic that Paul seemed to miss the critique of how far people will go to achieve spectacle and fame, which is his basic business model.Related: One year after broadcasting suicide victim’s corpse, Logan Paul says he’s “going gay”Here’s what folks are saying:The Logan Paul NOPE thread is a masterclass in not knowing what movies are or how to think/talk about them.— thomas grabinski. (@handsome_pal) July 25, 2022not saying u have to like nope, but logan paul having this strong of a reaction to a movie clearly about trauma exploitation is *chefs kiss* given his su*c*de forest ordeal— bart buurman (@bortbuurman) July 25, 2022logan paul, a dude who exploited dead people for views, has negative opinions on a movie about exploiting things for fame.

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