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Transgender Homicide Victims Often Failed by Legal System: Report

From left: Nikki Kuhnhausen, Jaylow McGlory, and Zoe SpearsMost transgender homicide victims in the U.S. are Black women, and most of them knew their killers, but the legal system has failed them in many ways and few of their cases result in murder convictions, according to a new analysis by Insider.The publication looked at 175 killings of trans and gender-nonconforming, nonbinary, and two-spirit people from 2017 through 2021.

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Exclusive: Doug Emhoff Will Meet With Gay and Transgender Kids Today
Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff will host a virtual roundtable this afternoon when he will meet with LGBTQ+ high school students from across the country to learn how they feel about returning to school in the wake of widespread attacks on LGBTQ+ identity in classrooms.Young LGBTQ+ people have been the target of a coordinated right-wing attack for months to erase them and relegate them back into the closet.Today's meeting comes as Republican governors and legislatures have focused on banning subjects of conversation and books related to LGBTQ+ people and issues from schools and libraries around the country. Others have gone so far as to make gender-affirming medical health care access impossible with policies with which major medical associations disagree."The Second Gentleman felt compelled to hold a meeting with students following the passage of legislation in states that impacts the LGBTQ community, including the Don't Say Gay bill in Florida," a White House official tells The Advocate. The call will include trans and cis-gender youth from Florida, Washington, D.C., Connecticut, and California. Among these students are outspoken advocates of LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion, including some of those who led efforts against the Florida's "don't say gay" bill.The White House says the Second Gentleman is committed to ensuring students feel safe in schools.One of the young participants, Daniel, reacted to questions from The Advocate with excitement."I think it's important for young people to speak with political leaders, so they know exactly what we need and want from them at this time," Daniel, 17, said.
These anti-gay Patriot Front members are finally facing charges-if just barely
Some members of the neo-nazi cult Patriot Front are finally facing charges for planning to storm an Idaho Pride event this June — but does their punishment fit the attempted crime?Idaho police pulled over a U-Haul en route to a Pride in the Park event after an anonymous tipster witnessed the Patriot Front members loading up inside.The caravan of 31 uniformed men armed with riot gear and smoke grenades inside were all zip-tied, unmasked, and arrested for conspiracy to riot.Though the men were all originally charged and held on just over $300 bail, only six will now be facing the charges in court.Related: Patriot Front member’s mom tells him to find new home after Pride arrestIn addition to only affecting a fraction of the planned rioters, the crime they’re charged with is only a misdemeanor. The charge carries a maximum sentence of a fine and five years in prison.While police intervening on behalf of the queer community is a nice surprise, the fact is that most of this violent militia gathered from across the country to target an LGBTQ+ event is being let off largely scot-free, with just a handful of them facing low-level sentencing.The planned descent on the Idaho Pride event was just one of many attacks on queer events this past June; while legislators railed hard against queer people as “groomers“, right-wing Proud Boys tried to break up Drag Queen Storytime events across the country.Related: White supremacists destroyed a Pride mural. The video they made got them arrested.Two of the aforementioned Patriot Front members were also recently arrested for defacing a mural dedicated to Pride in Olympia, Washington; they were taken in after their own recording of the event was discovered by police.In addition to these two,