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Man Who Drove SUV Into Native American Parade in New Mexico Arrested

Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial Centennial Celebration event, state police officials said Friday in a news release.Gallup police were told several people in a Chevrolet Tahoe parked along the route of the Ceremonial Night Parade were drinking alcohol, according to state police. As officers approached the SUV, the driver took off and both officers were injured, state police said."The Tahoe continued eastbound on West Coal Avenue toward parade participants while officers attempted to move spectators out of the Tahoe's path," the release says.A video taken by witness Sean Justice shows a group of people performing in the street when the crowd burst into screams, with people leaping up and rushing in the opposite direction of what appears to be a moving SUV.  A statement from Gallup city officials said the SUV hit pedestrians, vehicles and a business before it was stopped.Another video captured by witness Keisha Joe shows what appears to be the SUV which was driven through the parade.

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