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People Are Sharing Their First LGBTQ+ Pride Experiences, And It's Proof That Pride Needs To Be Celebrated All Year Round

saraa4a00f7b8f—disabledpunks4reprorights—kaiguy—brandim4f4855a85"He revealed that he drove 60 miles to get to the festival and was going to drive 60 miles back, which I thought was really funny, especially with these astronomical gas prices." —katnisseverdeen12345—wynnebo—lucemckenzie—padawanryan"My way of coming out was turning down an 'ally' sticker that was offered to me. I kept telling people who asked, 'Oops, it must have fallen off.'" —area51official—lielo317—mkatherinekelly—miab4e8eaccc7—aditson"If you are in a place, where it's still dangerous to be yourself, remember that baby steps are still steps forward — so just keep walking." —Anonymous, 36, Ukraine"My husband and I have had many lovely days together since, but this still stands out as the most wholesome fun we have had."  —Anonymous, 32, United Kingdom "Oh, how times have changed!" —Anonymous, 30, Québec"Honestly, the love and joy I feel at every Pride event now is heartwarming.

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Trans issues top CA 2022 LGBTQ legislative push
California legislators are once again pushing forward on a number of bills aimed at improving the lives of the state's transgender and nonbinary residents. And due to the legislative attacks on trans children in several other states, lawmakers in Sacramento are also focused on assisting those youth and their parents who are trying to access gender-affirming health care.In addition to improving transgender medical care in the Golden State, lawmakers have introduced bills that will require California community colleges not to deadname their trans and nonbinary students, faculty or staff; require the governor to annually proclaim November 20 as Transgender Day of Remembrance; and create an advisory body for a statewide pool of funds for trans services that would be renamed the Transgender, Gender-Variant, and Intersex (TGI) Wellness and Equity Fund.Other bills would protect LGBTQ people who want to become foster parents, establish a pilot project to assist LGBTQ youth receiving child welfare services, and require affordable housing builders to contract with LGBTQ-owned businesses.Tuesday, April 19, gay state Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) released the language for the bill he plans to officially introduce this month that will make California a refuge for trans kids and their families persecuted by their own governments in states such as Texas and Idaho.The Idaho House of Representatives passed legislation last week to make it a felony for parents to allow their children to receive gender-affirming care, while similar policy is under consideration by lawmakers in Louisiana and Arizona.
Idaho State University is a public research university in Pocatello, Idaho. Founded 119 years ago in 1901 as the Academy of Idaho, ISU offers more than 280 programs at its main campus and at locations in Meridian, Idaho Falls, and Twin Falls. It is the state's designated lead institution in health professions and medical education. There are 48 U.S. states and 59 countries represented at ISU and 285 programs, including Master's and Doctorate programs. The student-teacher ratio is 17:1, gender of students is 44 percent male, 56 percent female, and ISU has more than 160 clubs and organizations. Enrollment for the fall semester in 2012 stood at 14,209, including 12,143 undergraduate students and 2,066 graduate students.