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Texas Family Services in Turmoil Over Gender-Affirming Care Probes

(CNN) — A court filing from 16 current and former employees of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, along with the Texas State Employees Union, says the agency is "on the brink of collapse"following the state's decision to investigate the gender-affirming care of minors as potential child abuse.The brief cites a "string of departures" within the agency since the directive was put in place in February, arguing remaining workers will be spread dangerously thin.The amicus curiae (Friend of the Court) brief was filed with the state's Third District Court of Appeals, which is considering whether the policy, prompted by an opinion from Attorney General Ken Paxton and ordered by Gov. Greg Abbott, was implemented legally.

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DeSantis Joined by Oregon Parents in Push for School Curriculum Transparency
Ron DeSantis—one based on parental rights and the other on transparency in curriculum—a group of parents in Oregon took local action against what they say is a lack of honesty and clarity in their kids' classroom lessons.In the state's North Clackamas School District, the grassroots group Oregon Moms Union held a small press conference this week calling out a principal and counselor from the district's Oregon Trail Elementary School for teaching a lesson about gender identity and expression to fifth-graders without parents' permission.According to Kori Haynes, Oregon Moms Union's Clackamas School District captain, it was a few weeks ago that the school's principal Jackie Brody and counselor Gianna Bargetto presented her son's fifth-grade class with a worksheet for "The Genderbread Person."The fill-in-the-blank worksheet is "a teaching tool for breaking the big concept of gender down into bite-sized, digestible pieces," according to, with the website touting the resource as "great for lesson plans and one-on-one guided walkthroughs." The worksheet is one of several materials cited by Governor Ron DeSantis' office as having been used in Florida public schools to the chagrin of some parents. The worksheet has also been utilized in schools in Arizona, California and Louisiana, among other states."He and the other students were told to rate themselves on scales from masculine to feminine, from heterosexual, bisexual and homosexual, from woman to nonbinary man.