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How close are we to getting a vaccine for HIV?

one trial happening Oxford in 2021 and others taking place this year.Professor Tomáš Hanke, a professor who worked on the trial with the University of Oxford, said: ‘This trial is the first in a series of evaluations of this novel vaccine strategy in both HIV-negative individuals for prevention and in people living with HIV for cure.’While the results were due to be published in April this year, they haven’t yet been made available.Work is actively being taken to continue this progress, but due to the fact that the results are not all finalised and trials are still happening, it’s not yet how many doses someone would need, or the level of effectiveness what would be achieved with an HIV vaccine. Cheryl Gowar, senior policy manager at National AIDS Trust, says: ‘Even in the best-case scenario, if first-stage clinical trials are successful, it will still be quite a few years before a vaccine could be available.

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