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Do you know this pair wanted after gay man was beaten for wearing ‘girls coat’?
violently jumped after being asked why he was ‘wearing a girl’s jacket’ and called a ‘f**king f*g’.The 22-year-old suffered a bleed on the brain and needed surgery after being attacked in Manchester in the early hours of April 10.He was left with three smashed teeth and broken bones in his nose, cheek and around his eye socket.Morgan – a support worker for adults with learning difficulties – moved to Manchester from the small market town of Retford, Nottinghamshire, for work more than a year ago.His family previously revealed he made the switch because he felt he would be less likely to experience homophobia in a larger city with a thriving LGBT+ scene.Parents Paul and Dawn Fevre rushed from their hometown to be by his side at Salford Royal as he fought for his life.Morgan is now out of hospital and continuing his recovery but the search for his attackers goes on.Greater Manchester Police have released images taken from CCTV following the incident in Charlotte Street at about 1.35am.Detectives say they want to speak to the man and woman visible in the footage.Detective Constable Lucy Hatton said: ‘This was an unprovoked attack in the street that the victim can remember very little about.‘Morgan was punched in the head and then fell to the floor, and spent 10 days in hospital being treated for head and face injuries.‘He has now been discharged from hospital but is still suffering from the after-effects of the incident.’Last month, his father revealed his son had no memory of the attack but recalled receiving homophobic abuse and negative comments about his sequin jacket before it happened.He said: ‘Morgan would go into town on his own and make new friends while he was out, he’s that kind of chap.‘But now, I went to see