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21 Famous People Who've Called Out The Ridiculous And Shameful Lack Of Diversity In Hollywood

He said, "If you’re a white, straight, cisgender person, there are so many different characters and experiences that have been depicted by people who look like you that you can practically choose whatever character you wish to relate to. Blonde and blue-eyed? Take your pick! Every year, Hollywood offers a whole spectrum of movies and TV shows starring white protagonists, and those characters still get the lion’s share of speaking roles.""I was like a guinea pig on set, and I didn’t yet have enough power to request a stylist who I actually wanted to touch my hair.

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I’ve been sexting a closeted A-List celebrity. How do I handle this?!
Hi Jake,I’m kind of freaking out, and don’t know what to do. I was chatting on an app with a guy who didn’t have a face pic, which I almost never do, but he had the most beautiful torso pics, and I figured, “why not?” I asked if he could send me some more pics, and we started sharing what our sexual fantasies are. The conversation became really hot, and we exchanged some more body pics. After a couple days of dirty talk, I finally said I needed to see a face pic. I wasn’t about to waste any more time. He told me that he’s an “A-List celebrity”, and he’s scared, because he’s closeted. He promised me that he wasn’t lying, and even showed me an image of his SAG card with this name blurred out, so I knew he was an actor. Anyway, we’ve continued to chat for a couple weeks, and he’s bared his soul about the struggles he experiences as a closeted actor in Hollywood. Finally, two days ago he said he would email me his identity from a private server, and he sent a copy of his ID. Um… I’m still in shock about who it is. And not only that, I’m actually developing feelings for him. I’m now stumped about what to do. I want to respect his privacy, but I also kind of want to date him and be his first boyfriend. How do I navigate this?A Star GazerDear A Star Gazer,The first thing I would do in your position is make sure you’re not being catfished.