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LGBTQ+ People Are Sharing The Aha Moment When They Realized They Weren't Straight, And They're All So Relatable

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PartTimeMisanthrope—AnonymousDratini—HomoGreekorius—BurrSugar—failoutboy—qthulhue—zacswift21—Lettuphant—Sharktopus_—return2ozma—Avrin—please-disregard—crochetprozac—pm_me_ur_cats_toes—buffytheligmaslayer"In hindsight, I’d always been into guys; I just misinterpreted all my feelings of attraction as feelings of jealousy.

I’d see a hot guy and tell myself that I really wanted to look like him and that that was why I couldn’t stop staring. It made sense at the time, even though it sounds absurd in retrospect.

During that conversation, the realization that I had been in denial for years just hit me, and I knew I was gay."—Hexomin—trained_iceberg—[deleted]—NewSpinach—Traveler_0898—XD-NAV3—altonin—st_bart—En_svampNote: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.Not in the US?

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