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LGBTQ Agenda: CA lawmakers seek to enhance abortion access in state

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As reproductive rights are increasingly under attack around the United States and are expected to possibly see substantial changes later this year when the Supreme Court issues a decision in a Mississippi case, California lawmakers are moving forward with several bills to expand or otherwise increase access to reproductive services.The high court heard oral arguments in the Mississippi case last December and a decision is expected by June.

The Mississippi law would ban most abortions after 15 weeks, two months earlier than permitted under Roe v. Wade and later decisions.

Many working in LGBTQ rights are reminding the public that reproductive rights and LGBTQ rights go hand in hand.California, which has fallen squarely on the side of reproductive freedom — to say nothing of LGBTQ rights — is preparing, among many other actions, to safeguard the rights of people from out-of-state who might come here seeking abortions from states where they might otherwise face prosecution.

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