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Letters to the editor

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Milk plaza can fit with proposed site planIn the Guest Opinion ["Milk plaza plan has broad support," March 24] author Alex Lemberg asserts that I, along with another, are solely responsible for creating a false impression that demolition and replacement of Harvey Milk Plaza are not universally loved. "Neither of these people live in San Francisco, both have ulterior motives, and neither they nor anyone else has presented a viable alternative plan to the one presented by [Friends of Harvey Milk Plaza]," he writes.

Although I do not reside in San Francisco, I practiced architecture in the city for over 30 years and was responsible for the design of five Muni Metro stations, three of which were awarded design honor awards.

Three years ago, when it became clear the FHMP intended to replace the busy transit plaza serving the Castro Muni station, I realized there was no voice in defense of preservation.

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