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Kimberly Hart-Simpson: I have found labels a challenging concept but love is love

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pan. Get it? Positive or negative, it didn’t make a difference to who I was in that moment, but I certainly felt an element of pressure around the label.I just actually wanted to be Kimberly, who likes who she likes.

The biggest issue with a label is that it COULD stunt growth.What happens if next week, there is a new word that better describes my sexuality, does that then mean I was insincere with my last label?Does this then feed people’s opinions to say, ‘she must be confused’?The reality is, I am not confused at all, it’s all crystal clear.

For me love is love.Last month, in an interview with Loose Women, I stated I was Pan, and in that moment it best described where I am at with my sexuality.But I have the luxury of being a 35-year-old, over-opinionated, confident, and well supported person.I wasn’t this girl in the Tinder days, time has allowed me that.

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