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Jacob Nathaniel Pring, LGBTQ+ Activist & Nightlife Fixture, Dies at 47

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LGBTQ+ community members in the Washington, D.C. area are mourning the sudden death of a longtime activist who worked to promote nightlife by organizing events such as Gay Day at the National Zoo, leather appreciation nights, and numerous events for people living with HIV.On Monday evening, a housemate of Jacob Nathaniel Pring announced the 47-year-old's death and paid tribute to him on Facebook.Sasha Chijoku wrote, "It is with great sorrow and grief that I tell you now that my housemate, Jacob Nathaniel Pring, passed away.

For the present, and out of respect for his family, let me just say that his death was sudden and completely unexpected.""[J]ust as much as he would be engaging with people, sometimes he would spend days at a time in solitude," Chijoku wrote. "But when he emerged, he was always ready to share his wonderful smile again, and I found him to be thoughtful and intelligent when I talked to him."Pring had been open about his struggles with addiction and substance abuse over the years.

He celebrated his sobriety on August 8 on Facebook. "29 Months and one day Drug Free!!!" he wrote. The post got more than 200 positive reactions.On August 24, Pring wrote, "900 Days Drug Free!!!"According to Pring, his feelings on September 7 were similar to those expressed in a Facebook post two years earlier.He had written, "As I sit here seeing all the hot twinky boys and hot men here at the beach, I am reminded of where I have been.

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