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It's on Moms to Fight Against Attacks on LGBTQ+ Kids | Opinion

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CDC, one in four LGBTQ+ teens attempted suicide in the first half of 2021.Whether your child is queer, straight, cis or trans, all moms should be outraged at anyone, especially elected leaders, who stoop so low as to use children as cudgels for their own political gain.As these anti-LGBTQ+ politicians seek to normalize legislation that targets our kids' rights and safety, we cannot leave it up to the moms of queer and trans youth alone to fight back.

Whether you are a part of the LGBTQ+ community or not, all moms have a stake in keeping childhood off-limits from nefarious politicking.

That means all moms are responsible for standing up for trans youth in the face of recent legislation—legislation that was designed to divide us as moms and as humans.As a lesbian cisgender mom, I have made it my responsibility to call upon all moms to stand up for queer and trans kids—and by extension, for all kids.

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