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If She Died It + Don't Listen To DaBaby's DaFenders + Dorian Corey's Story + Rimming Rapping + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: This kid knows more about the Confederacy than you do. Also: “We also have the right to burn it.” BELOW: Keep reading for a cold-case breakthrough, rappin' about rimming, a play about Dorian Corey and more  ...

Peter Lance's 2021 book makes the case for Duke's guilt. (Tenacity Media Books) ADVOCATE: New witness seems to seal the deal — heiress Doris Duke almost certainly murdered her gay friend in cold blood, and got away with it.

HEYXORJE: DaBaby's DaFenders are making it seem like LGBTQ people are to blame for his woes. (Miley is underplaying what should be outrage, IMHO.) As Keith Price points out, this is a problem of his own making — and we have to call out slurs, full-stop.

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